Our damp and condensation survey

We provide a professional service to homeowners and provide advice from experienced surveyors with many years practical experience. We understand that there can be a number of reasons that cause dampness, condensation, and mould in your home. Often it’s a combination of factors that are causing the problem. Our healthy home survey is ideally suited to homes with:

  • Damp problems
  • Condensation problems
  • Mould growth on walls
  • Excess levels of humidity
  • General damp in the house
mould on a ceiling
Damp meter tests can help highlight a problem
When warm air meets a cold surface the result is condensation and often toxic black mould.

A 'whole house' assessment of your home

When we assess at your home, we’ll take a “whole house” approach. What does this mean ? We want to understand all the factors that can contribute to the problem.

For example we’ll be interested to know:

  • How old your home is ?
  • Where the problems are ?
  • How your house is constructed ?
  • How many people living in your home ?
  • What are your washing habits, is there a shower used every day ? do you dry clothes indoors ?
  • How many people living in your home ?
  • How long you’ve had the problem ?

... and other information that will help us recommend a solution that's right for your home.

Where necessary we'll take damp readings and make record air humidity in different areas of the house.

Dehumifiers are no substitute for effective ventilation
Severe dampness on walls
Dehumidifiers can help treat the symptoms but don't address the cause of the problem

Survey and report

A more detailed assessment of your home. We'll give you advice, and a written report including the options that we feel are best for your home.

A whole house approach looking at all aspects of dampness and would normally be required when major work is required, or when a purchasing a home that has some issues with damp or other defects.

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Too much humidity and not enough ventilation
= damp, condensation & mould

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